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New Vehicles

New Vehicles

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Trucks. I also have available Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Hyundai, and Commercial Trucks. Call 443-252-6170 to schedule an appointment.

Used Vehicles

Used Vehicles

All makes and models are available with over 500 vehicles to choose from at all price points. Call 443-252-6170 guaranteed credit approval.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

In stock and special order Trucks for any kind of business. You get your best deal from Jeff. Call 443-252-6170 to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should be My Customer

Reasons You Should be My Customer – Jeffrey Watters

If you live in Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia you should buy your next vehicle from me.  Here is why:

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction. In fact, my customers have gone so far as to rate me the #1 salesperson in all of Delmarva. Their experiences with me are accessible to you right on Google. I remember personal details and listen carefully to each customer and work to get what they need.
  2. You get my full attention. I personalize my service to one customer at a time. When you need me you can reach me at work, at home, and on the road. My Customers know I keep my promises.
  3. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation. I protect my good name, and do everything in my power to ensure that customers, prospects, friends, employees, and colleagues view me as a person of value. My credibility, plausibility, and truthfulness also win far more customers than other dealers exaggerated claims and over-the-top promises.
  4.  The value you receive. Although most consumers are price-conscious, the vast majority do not consider price alone when making their buying decisions. Rather, they consider value: the difference between what something costs and its worth to the buyer. I always work to get you the most value.
  5.  All transactions are easy, safe, and secure. Every new car/Truck/SUV is backed by the manufacturer. Every used vehicle I sell is repaired and inspected to ensure its worthiness in the market. Let’s face it. We do have a million bucks to pay you if you get in an accident that was caused by neglect.
  6.  I respond to my customers’ concerns. I listen carefully to your opinions and feelings. I know the ins and outs of what I sell and the services provided by my company. particularly as they relate to your products or services—and be sure to address them directly. My cell phone number is on my business card, website, Facebook page and all communication with clients. When you need me, I am there for you. Even on my day off.
Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

Read my Google Reviews – Repost from Google.

Actual Google Reviews for Jeff Watters

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  in the last week
I had a great experience at Millsborough Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM. I bought my car from Jeffrey Watters who is the number one rated sales person in Delaware. You should buy your cars from him in too.

a week ago

Purchased a new Jeep today from Jeffrey Watters. Great experience! Jeff did an awesome job and displayed tremendous patience with us. He entertained my 9year old daughter as well. Stop by and see Jeff today you will leave satisfied.

Cheryl LeCates

in the last week

Great group of guy’s, highly recommend this dealership for all your vehicle needs. Make sure you ask for Jeff Watters, he is the BOMB, very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you guy’s for all you have done and do for your customer’s!

Ty Showell

in the last week

Jeff Watters hooked us up with a relatively new whip at a great price! Go to Automart and ask for Jeff, he’ll take great care of you!! (:

Joshua Hinrichs

in the last week

Had the best time getting a car. If you go ask for Jeff watters he is very nice and will help you find a car that fits you.

2 months ago
Mr, Jeffrey Watters , was very helpful and respectful. We love our Chrysler and the staff here, especially Jeff. See Jeff if you need a good car he’s the men to get the job done if you need a car …. All the staff there is good there to us

Sierra Johnson

7 months ago

BEST PLACE TO BUY A CAR!!!!! Make sure to ask for Jeffrey. They were so honest with me. Another dealer was trying to screw me and they really helped me. They made sure I was in a car I wanted not something I had to settle for because my credit sucked. Jeffrey was very professional and made sure my car was completely cleaned and full of gas before we left. The GM was amazing in getting us financed. Thankyou so much. I absolutely love my car.Also they gave me way more then my trade was worth,so definitely the place to trade in your vehicles.Thanks guys. Definitely a customer for life

bryan heck

3 months ago

We had a great experience when we bought our son his car. If you go to Millsboro cdjr ask for Jeff Watters for the best service.

Butta Lee

5 months ago

Jeff Watters is the man. So full of energy, passionate about his job n makes sure me n my fiance are taken care of every time we go in. All of staff here are good people, never came across a rude rep here. They keep their word and work with you to get thru each and every step. We know if we ever have any issues, we’re positive we will get the job done at Millsboro dodge jeep and ram!!! Thumbs up you guys… keep up the hard work!!

Jill Montgomery

6 months ago

I recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Renegade and with excellent help and service from salesperson, Jeff Watters, I got a great deal on my new Jeep and an excellent deal on my trade in. Definitely ask for Jeff if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle !!!

Anthony Contarino Gets a Chrysler for Uber

Meet Anthony Contarino who drives for Uber.  His old Chrysler is now retired and he is ready to go with his newest addition to the family, a 2016 Town and Country.  Seats 6 in comfort and style.  Congratulations to you, Anthony.  Drive safe and catch some good fares.

If you need a new car or truck call me and I will get you one at the lowest price possible.  Sometimes with no money down.  My phone number is 443-252-6170.

Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

Many Thanks to Two Great Customers

Two Great Customers Buy Cars from Jeff Watters

Recently had a very busy night helping Stephanie Hultberg of Millsboro, Delaware, get her brand-new Grand Cherokee Overland. We did not have the exact Grand Cherokee on the lot Stephanie wanted so I sent my people to Pennsylvania to get the one she wanted and delivered it late in the evening.  This fantastic SUV even raises and lowers.  It can also tackle the rough terrain, rocks, and climb up the side of a mountain.

I also had the privilege of help Benson Bruce who was referred to me by my Plantation Lakes neighbor. Benson wanted a Dodge Journey. He didn’t buy one though. He got the Dodge Durango for the payment he wanted. Rumor has it that he will share the car with his wife.

Benson and Stephanie, I thank you for your business. The trust and faith you placed in me is appreciated. I am here for you when you when you need me.

Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

Anas and Nicole Lafi’s newest car, a Chrysler 200

Congratulations to Anas and Nicole Lafi who just got a new car from me here in Millsboro.  The Lafi’s took advantage of the first time buyers program I have available here and got their car with no money down.  We also paid over $1,000 more for their trade than the next closest offer.

Call me for your next car and you will get a great deal too.

Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

Alberto Cruz of Dagsboro just bought a Dodge Charger.

Congratulations to Alberto Cruz of Dagsboro, Delaware on his new Dodge Charger.  Shown here with his mother Aleyda. Alberto wanted to trade in his old, very old, car but I advised him to sell it himself.  The dealer could not pay enough for the car and he saw the logic in selling it himself.

If you need a new or used car see me for the best deal with low monthly payments.

Call me at 443-252-6170

Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

John and Brookes Caswell just bought their Second Jeep from ME

John “Neil” and Brookes Caswell just bought their second Jeep from me today.  I like happy customers and we gave Brooke one helluva deal on here Renegade and John a great deal on his Wrangler.  The Caswell’s drove from Columbia Maryland to get their cars because we pay more for trades and sell our inventory for less.

If you need a great car, truck, or SUV see me.  Reach me at 443-252-6170.

Millsboro Car Dealer
             Reach me at 443-252-6170

Cory Mather of Ocean City, MD buys a Challenger 392

2016 Challenger Sold to Cory Mather

             Reach me at 443-252-6170

It is great to get what you want and Cory wanted more horsepower.  So he traded one Challenger for another Dodge Challenger.  Not to worry, we paid off his car and he took delivery today on this 392 Hemi.

Congratulations Mr. Mather.  You deserve to have what you have worked for all your life and now you do.


Abbey, Lisa, and Bill Ei of Millsboro Delaware get a new Jeep Cherokee.

Bill, Lisa, and Abbey EI of Millsboro Delaware buy a Great Jeep.

Abbey, Lisa, and Bill Ei of Millsboro Delaware get a new Jeep Cherokee.The Ei Family Gets a Jeep!

I hear it so often, I always wanted a Jeep.  That is what Lisa said and her husband decided today is the day to make her dream come true.  It is just in my nature to want to help nice people and you could not meet a better bunch of folks than the Ei family of Plantation Lakes in Millsboro.

Bill is a Police officer from Anne Arundel County in Maryland.  Lisa works in Rehoboth/Lewes and I betcha Abbey is still in school.

Do you need a Jeep?

If you would like a Jeep give me a call.  I can get you a great deal.  I have sold to people from all over Delmarva, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even Alabama. Right now as I am writing this a couple is making their way up from North Carolina to get a Jeep.  Call me at 443-252-6170 (Cell) and I will save you more, get you more.

Millsboro Car Dealer
           Reach me at 443-252-6170

What you should know about buying a new or used car

Know how is half the battle when buying a new or used car

How can a person know which car to buy and just exactly what they qualify to buy?  I have some simple tips to help you get the car you deserve.

Car Shopping Tip #1 – Credit Worthiness

Know your credit worthiness.  Research by using and getting your credit score.  The only caution here is the formula used by Credit Karma is about 40 to 50 points higher than in real-life.  I know this to be true because I look at my score at and Credit Karma and the latter is always fifty-points higher.

To buy a new car your Credit Karma score should be 650 or higher.  If it is lower you can still get a new car but may need a cosigner, a large down payment or both.  Otherwise focus on a used car with lower mileage.

Car Shopping Tip #2 – Trades

Your car is worth more retail than wholesale.  So take a month and try to sell it yourself.  You can look up its’ value at Kelly Blue Book (  Market the car yourself through and by putting a for sale sign on it with your phone number.  One caution with is there are scammers who will try to beat you out of your money/title.  Only take cash, in person and do not take a certified check.

If you can’t sell your car take it to the dealer where they will pay you the wholesale value of the car.  Before you go, clean the car and fix minor details.  Clean the interior, engine, and any visible deficiencies. The car does not need to be paid off; the dealer will pay off the car and give you everything you are credited above the payoff amount.

Call your finance company and get the 10- day payoff and the per diem. Bring that information to the dealer.  If you have negative equity, that amount will be added to your new or used car loan.

Car Shopping Tip #3 – The Deal

I recommend you visit Google and read the reviews before going anywhere.  My dad used to say “you can’t make a good deal with a bad guy.”  This is true.  If people are saying the dealer is no damn good then move on to the next one.  I myself maintain a perfect five-star rating with Google.  If you are in the Sussex County, Delaware area or Delmarva you can call me at 443-252-6170 (cell) and I will help you.

The car deal continued…

Find the car you want to buy and research its value online.  Then with the Blue Book Value and the online information come in to test drive the car.  Please pick a car that meets your realistic lifestyle.  Getting a race car will not meet the families expectations.  Even if you want a race car.  So pick appropriately.

Bring your registration to your trade, insurance information, title, and drivers license to the dealer.

Car Shopping Tip #4 – Financing

Congratulations you bought a car but there are a few things you should know.  One is how much the payments will be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know before you got to the dealer!  So use this general rule to determine how much your payments will be and the rule is this:

Credit Score;

550 – 600 = $20 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

601- 650 = $19 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

651 – 700 = $18 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

701 – 750 = $17 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

751 – 800 = $16 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

801 – 900 = $15 per month for each $1,000 borrowed over the course of the loan.  (Average)

Of course this isn’t exact and is only meant to give you an idea of what financing can look like.  Please deduct your down payment from the amount financed.

Car Shopping Tip #5 – Make an Appointment

Call me if you are in the area.  Otherwise call your local store after your research.  Make an appointment and allow 3 – 6 hours for negotiations and settlements.

Call Jeff @ 443-252-6170

Millsboro Car Dealer
        Reach me at 443-252-6170

2008 Ford Ranger 4×4 for Sale Millsboro Delaware

Millsboro Delaware Used Trucks for Sale

2008 Ford Ranger 4×4 for sale with 6-Cyl engine.  42,100 miles (less than 5,000/yr)  one owner, no accidents.  Clear title and in terrific shape.  Has matching painted cap on the back.

Asking price: $16,995
Contact: Jeff Watters 443-252-6170

Jeffrey Watters is Delmarva's Top Rated Automobile Salesperson. Call 443-252-6170 now for your best deal.