The Company Message

Teaching clients that consistency is the key to marketing is one of the most difficult things I do. Advertising is understood to a smaller degree but marketing is not.  Adverts cost less than marketing since each is a key message in the moment.  Marketing is the sum of all those messages over a measurable course of time.  52-Ads = one advertising campaign.  It is that simple with one additional factor.  Branding!


Branding is your visual effect to all public messages.  Your message must be the same in every advert every time a client sees your company information.  They need, through repetition, to see your company mark on everything you do.  Your brand says something about you and that message needs to be clear.

Your logo represents you as a silent sales person when you are not speaking. Therefore your logo must be on your letterhead, business cards, uniforms, website and everything else your company touches.  All you do needs to be represented with your brand displayed.

What does your logo say about you?

Winning the Battle

I watched two clients go out of business for the very same reason, failure to comply.  They had the right intention without follow through and I understand it very well.  The first was too busy to market and the second, a restaurant, ignored marketing entirely.  Both were king of their respective markets who faced everyday problems that threw them off-track.

It happens like this.  When receiving a quote that includes every service they shrink at the cost.  “I can do most of that myself,” they say.  But to this very day I have never had a single client follow through on that statement.  “Penny wise and pound foolish” is the old saying.  Never really understood that saying  until I started consulting with clients in 1994.  Don’t be like those people, do what you do and leave the rest to a professional.

To Do List

  1. Develop your branding images and use them everywhere
  2. Make your yearly marketing plan with segments (advertisements)
  3. Advertise your company including daily, weekly, monthly specials minding your annual goals
  4. Focus on community involvement through social and news media.
  5. Don’t believe the Internet is the cure all.  Use traditional media and Internet together with the same message

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