Millsboro Delaware Dealer Teaches You How to Buy a Car or Truck.

Know What You Want

When you are buying a car, whether it be new or used, the best thing you can do as a customer is to decide what your bare minimum needs are in an automobile and build from there.  What fits your lifestyle?  Do you need a people mover or is luxury a concern?  Perhaps both.  The easiest way to decide on your next car is consider what you like the most about your new car.  Then do the research.

Except for drastic changes, such a sports car to family car, you will most likely be happy driving a newer version of what you have right now. The changes that affect your purchase can include business needs, family needs, economizing, or reduction in expenses.  To get the right vehicle you should start by making a list of what you need and what type of car/truck suits those needs.

Narrow Down Your Shopping List

Building on the needs assessment above your next move is to narrow the field from the bottom to the top of the line models available.  Then get the brands, model names, and dealerships where those cars are located.  Call to make an appointment to see those specific cars, get the “out the door” prices, and financing terms.  Tell the dealer what you want, you need to be proactive. Remember to evaluate the total cost over the term of the loan, not just an attractive out the door price.

Calculate What You Can Afford

What is the maximum payment you are willing to pay comfortably?  Think about that for a second because it isn’t the final expense.  How much will the gas cost per month?  Car insurance?  Extended warranty and GAP?  These cost need to be considered before you make your final decision and the dealership is not the place to do it.  Go home with your offer and make your decision there.


Do Your Research Online

Research what your car is worth before agreeing to trade it.  Dealers make money when they sell your trade so they will try to buy it for the least they can.  Knowing what your car is worth ahead of time will help you get the most money for your trade.  If you owe money on your trade call your bank and get the ten-day payoff and the per diem rate.  Know your account number, the payoff address for overnighting checks, and the phone number for verification.

Spend a few hours researching or confirming your research.  Know how much the car or truck you want is selling for, who has it, and what the reputation of the dealer is before you go to the lot.

Let’s say you want a Dodge Charger, which is a four door sedan, you should know where two or three of them are located.  If you are looking at new go to the Dodge manufacturers website to look at special offers.  So for a Dodge it would be, for a Chrysler, for a Jeep and so on.

After you have done your homework then it is time to schedule and appointment.  Call the dealership and ask for a salesperson, make an appointment.  Keep your appointment and then get your offer from the dealer.


Do You Need a New or Newer Car?

My name is Jeff Watters and my life passion is helping others. I spent years working with charities like homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and even recycling programs. There is something about giving back to the community that I loved to do.  And it wasn’t helping the helpless I loved so much as it was working with people that have a good heart.
Here is my Story.  I worked for many years as an Internet programmer helping clients market their business from my two bedroom condo-apartment on the coast of Maine. Then I met a woman and fell in love, moved to Havre de Grace, Maryland and started my business over again.
Then the woman I loved retired from the government and we uprooted and moved to Delaware to take advantage of the lower taxes, choosing a house in Plantation Lakes in Millsboro, Delaware.  She quickly proclaimed that she didn’t want clients coming to the house.  Uh oh, I needed to find a job with a company that had the same belief system I do.
That is why I chose the Preston Automotive Group and Millsboro Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Trucks. Preston is famous for giving back to the community. Check out Preston Cares on Facebook to see what I mean.
Since joining the sales team here I have striven to overcome the negative connotation car salesmen have a reputation for in general.  Obviously, there are good car salespeople and bad car salespeople.  I needed to be looked on as one of the good one’s.
That is why when you look up my dealership on Google you will find my name mentioned more than any other.  All perfect 5-star reviews.
Here is why buying a car from me is better for you.
  • I want you to have a great deal
  • I get paid by bonus, the more I sell the greater the bonus
  • My customers schedule service appointments through me
  • I don’t run away if a problem develops
  • I live in the community, my customers love me and I love them too.
  • I sell both new and used cars
  • I beat other dealers prices
Finally, let me mention that when you know me you have a friend for life. Only yesterday I walked into a store and saw a customer whose face lit up with a big smile when he saw me. I don’t think anything means more to me than seeing that. I want you to be happy too. Please call me.