Jeffrey Watters is local area photographer providing on-site imaging services by appointment in Maryland and Delaware to real estate brokers and agents. Contact by calling 443-252-6170.

Photography Services Include:

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Corporate Imaging
  • Product Enhancements
  • Portraits
  • Business Services

Fees start at $100 for standard Real Estate photos with complete enhancement services and can range to $500 for high-end development with HDR passes.

What you can expect

Once hired you can expect a quick turn-around of your images which are manipulated to show a property or product in the most favorable light.  Custom lighting on-site is included.  Undesirable objects are removed and favorable replacements are added, such as a pleasing sky over a home.  It is my ambition to show each image as artwork that will make a property more desirable and create more interest from potential clients.

Call me at 443-252-6170 for questions or an appointment.

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