Alberto Cruz of Dagsboro just bought a Dodge Charger.

Congratulations to Alberto Cruz of Dagsboro, Delaware on his new Dodge Charger.  Shown here with his mother Aleyda. Alberto wanted to trade in his old, very old, car but I advised him to sell it himself.  The dealer could not pay enough for the car and he saw the logic in selling it himself.

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David Lucia scored a major deal on the Jeep Renegade

David Lucia is a real American Hero.  War vet, police officer, and man about town.  I was privileged to help him get his new Jeep from Millsboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram.  David drove up the road from Dagsboro and a couple hours later drove down the road in his newest Jeep.  Congratulations Mr. Lucia.

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Bruce Arendall of Dagsboro Delaware got a new Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today (2/6/2017) Bruce and his wife Gerry purchased the very same Grand Cherokee my wife and I were looking to buy.  Customers come first though right!  Oh well, we will order one soon enough.  Mr.  and Ms. Arendall enjoy your new Jeep and don’t forget to refer me to your friends and relatives.

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