First-time car buyers need to work with a salesperson with a great reputation.

An automotive professional can help you solve problems that amateurs don’t understand.  Buying a car or truck doesn’t need to be a hassle and getting the financing out of the way first is the best path to take. So what is best?  Buy here – Pay here which offers easy credit/high-interest rates or is there another path that works for people with zero car credit too?

So what is best?

Buy here – Pay here provides easy credit with usually $500 to $2,500 down.  Why? To cover the wholesale cost of the car.  However here is a little-known fact, a brand-new car can be financed by a new car dealer for as little as $0 down from its’ primary lender to a first-time buyer. Why is this possible?  Because a new car dealer can use manufacturers rebates as a down payment on your behalf.

Since most young people don’t have $10,000 to put down on a new vehicle, they go the used car route towards ownership.  Makes sense right, used car = less money out of pocket.

Going the used route towards ownership does make good sense, but a new car will ensure you’re protected from unexpected repair expenses. Used car = less money out of pocket and new car = warranty, and pride of ownership.

So here are your choices.

Use the dealer’s bank which offers first-time buyers an incentive to buy their brand of automobile.   The idea is to get you driving their car so that you will become loyal to the brand.  The easiest loan to get is from Chrysler and Santander (also a Chrysler Lender).  Both banks offer low-interest loans to buyers who are financing for the first time. Both banks will finance a buyer with no previous car credit.

Need more information?

I work with people who have no credit, first-time buyers and even people who have had cars repossessed.  I can be reached at 443-252-6170 and am willing to help you get a car.  New or Used.  Call me, and I can get your loan approved.

Finally, I am rated as a five-star salesperson.  You can view my reviews on Google.

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