Reasons You Should be My Customer – Jeffrey Watters

If you live in Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia you should buy your next vehicle from me.  Here is why:

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction. In fact, my customers have gone so far as to rate me the #1 salesperson in all of Delmarva. Their experiences with me are accessible to you right on Google. I remember personal details and listen carefully to each customer and work to get what they need.
  2. You get my full attention. I personalize my service to one customer at a time. When you need me you can reach me at work, at home, and on the road. My Customers know I keep my promises.
  3. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation. I protect my good name, and do everything in my power to ensure that customers, prospects, friends, employees, and colleagues view me as a person of value. My credibility, plausibility, and truthfulness also win far more customers than other dealers exaggerated claims and over-the-top promises.
  4.  The value you receive. Although most consumers are price-conscious, the vast majority do not consider price alone when making their buying decisions. Rather, they consider value: the difference between what something costs and its worth to the buyer. I always work to get you the most value.
  5.  All transactions are easy, safe, and secure. Every new car/Truck/SUV is backed by the manufacturer. Every used vehicle I sell is repaired and inspected to ensure its worthiness in the market. Let’s face it. We do have a million bucks to pay you if you get in an accident that was caused by neglect.
  6.  I respond to my customers’ concerns. I listen carefully to your opinions and feelings. I know the ins and outs of what I sell and the services provided by my company. particularly as they relate to your products or services—and be sure to address them directly. My cell phone number is on my business card, website, Facebook page and all communication with clients. When you need me, I am there for you. Even on my day off.
Millsboro Car Dealer
Reach me at 443-252-6170

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